How to Make Safety Talks More Interesting

A workplace becomes healthier and safer if employees participate in decision-making about safety and health. Their safety and health are actually influenced by their own actions. Oftentimes, they are the best individuals to understand the hazards in the workplace.

Safety talks are helpful in the following areas:

• Identifying solutions to safety issues
• Developing a positive safety and health culture in which hazards are controlled rationally
• Reducing accidents and illnesses, as well as their related costs to the business
• Creating developments in overall quality, productivity, and efficiency
• Meeting the demands of the customers and maintaining credibility
• Complying with legal requirements

Involving Employees in Safety Meetings

It is important that employees feel that they are involved and valued in making decisions because that can impact their performance. Empowering the employees, training them to have the necessary skills, and involving them in decision-making would show them that their wellbeing, health, and safety are important to the management. Encourage employees to open up their safety concerns and let them offer solutions during meetings.

Spicing Up Safety Talks

speakerThe success that a company may have in effectively carrying out a safety program depends on the safety group and their meetings. From these practices, a safety culture will begin to form in the workplace. To increase employee awareness, try to spice up safety meetings so they would be unforgettable.

1.Plan the Meetings

Merely talking to the audience will not make the safety meeting interesting. The meetings must be short; 10-20 minutes is enough to finish the goals. There must be some activities during the safety meetings that involve the employees like procedure mapping, question and answer, and brainstorming.

2.Share Experiences

The safety leader must have a program prepared that would require employees to share a brief personal experience related to the safety topic being discussed. The safety trainer can talk to the employees before the meeting to know if they have experienced something relevant and if there is any positive outcome regarding that potentially dangerous situation.

Employees must be given chances to acknowledge themselves for a job well done. For future safety talks, employees can share their safety experiences wherein they have done something wrong and learned from it. People enjoy sharing stories, and in terms of safety, anyone’s experience can serve as a precautionary lesson for others.

3.Prepare Some Creative Presentations

There’s probably nothing worse than a trainer who’s reading the presentation throughout the entire session. It would be a lot more unforgettable if the trainer would add some humor in it. This will restore the attention of the employees and make them lively and cooperative.

4.Prepare a Quiz

At the end of the safety talk, create a test about the safety topic discussed. However, aside from adding relevant content, include a completely unrelated yet funny question to make things more interesting. The trainer can make this a habit during safety talks so that the employees will look forward to their next test, mainly to check out the interesting information within the questions. This aims to create excitement that would result in active participation.

5.Change the Venue of the Meetings

Some employees feel that the training room is a place of terror. Consider making some changes to the locations of the safety talks. Try to conduct it in the cafeteria and prepare coffee and light snacks for the employees. A bit of fresh air would help everyone relax and give each individual a new perspective. Moreover, if the safety topic is about a particular tool or equipment or if there is new machinery, the safety talk can be conducted at the worksite itself.

Simply put, making safety discussions a lot more interesting is something that any speaker can do regardless of experience.

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Money-saving Tips in Shopping for a Storage Container

There has been an increasing interest over the utility of storage containers. These can be transformed into rooms and homes. You can also profit from a Storage container. You can do this by offering it for rent or reselling it on a higher price provided that improvements are applied. It may also be reused to start a shipping business. There are currently more than enough used storage containers for all interested buyers. If you shop now, you can find inexpensive storage containers at sea ports or trucking compounds.

storage containerAside from shopping early, there are other ways for you to catch a less expensive but in good condition shipping container. These ways are as follows:

1. Know the terms used in selling storage containers.

If a seller uses unfamiliar terms in his sales talk, you may end up uninterested with the shipping container he is offering. Or maybe, you will fall easily on the offer. On the other hand, if you know the terms used, you can’t be easily fooled by a deceiving seller. You can also get better deals.

One of the terms you might encounter is factory paint. If the shipping container is labeled as such, that means the current paint in the shipping container is the original one. There are no additional coatings applied. When the paint is still in good state, the Storage container may be used for a handful of times or it is well-handled by the shipping company.
The opposite of factory paint is refurbished paint. It means that the shipping container has been repainted for several times.

Another term you will encounter is wind and water tight. A shipping container that has this label is considered strong and secured enough to protect the items inside it from the elements. However, this label also implies the lack of inspection.

If you look for an inspected Storage container, you should also expect the selling price to be higher. An uninspected shipping container may be less expensive but there are times when inspection is needed. The bad thing is, the services of a shipping container inspector are not free of charge. You also need to find one that is near the area where you are shopping for a shipping container. If there is none, you may be tasked to shoulder the travelling expenses of the inspector. So between a wind and water tight shipping container and inspected shipping container, the latter may be cost-effective in more ways.

2. Know all your options.

What better way to do this than searching online? Even popular buying sites such as EBay offer cargo storage containers in various conditions. Aside from shipping companies and buying sites, you can also find sellers in the forms of businessmen in different industries. Those who export and/or import may offer their used storage containers. Non-exporters/importers may also sell their storage containers that previously served as mini-warehouses of their goods.

3. Make an assessment on the physical attributes and conditions of the Storage container.

The length, size, weight, and capacity of a shipping container can affect its selling price. That is why you need to determine the space you will need before shopping. This will not only save you money but will save you time as well.

When it comes to conditions, you can expect that the better ones will be sold at higher prices. The best options for tight-budgeted buyers are those shipping containers that have pinholes together with peeling paint. These minimal damages can reduce the selling price considerably. You will only need to do some repairs afterwards. The good thing is that the repairs can be easily dealt with. You will simply need sealants, paint, and brushes.

4. Plan a simple design.

In transforming your Storage container, repairs and the additions of basic elements are enough. If you want to be creative, explore painting options and space-saving schemes. Don’t make a lot of additions as these will entail additional costs.

The best options for tight-budgeted buyers are those shipping containers that have pinholes together with peeling paint.


The Different Types of Promotional Lanyards

A lanyard is a cord or rope, normally worn around the neck, wrist or shoulder to carry an object. It is used to make sure that the object is visible at all times. Lanyards are available in different braid patterns and color combinations. It is commonly worn on the shoulders of military uniforms to show the wearer’s regimental affiliation or qualification. Most wore the lanyard on the left, which enabled them to pull a whistle from the left tunic pocket for the sake of communicating with the troop. These days, a lanyard is used for promotional purposes.

The goal of using a lanyard is to help companies promote while providing functionality to the receiver. The lanyard is labeled based on the attachment it has, like swivel hooks, safety buckles, badge clip or key ring. The actual strap is made of various types of material. You can choose from nylon, cotton and polyester. These materials keep you comfortable as you wear your lanyard around your neck.

Badge Clip

LanyardsOrganizations and corporations use badge clip attachments for promotional lanyard. They use this attachment to display visitors or employee badges. Using a lanyard with a badge clip lets security personnel and others to identify visitors and employees easily.

Swivel Hook

The hook enables attachment to swivel around the lanyard attachment. A clasp that holds a set of keys or corporate employee badge is attached to the lanyard via a swivel mechanism. It can be metal or plastic and has a part that can be pushed inward to remove the badges, keys and other attachments from the hook.

Key Ring

Another popular type of a promotional lanyard is the lanyard with key ring attachments. These lanyards hold keys and can be used as giveaways during special events. A lanyard with key ring is perfect for employees with access to building keys and can likewise be ideal for college promotions for new dormitory tenants.

Safety Breakaway Buckles

There are several types of attachments available for the promotional lanyard. Some of which include double attachments and safety breakaway buckles, where several attachments are provided for different purposes. Breakaway buckles help those facing dangerous situations break free of the lanyard and prevent possible harm or injury, such as if a machine or an individual captures the items connected to the lanyard by the attachment.

Available Colors for Lanyard

These lanyards are available in many colors. The popular colors include red, black and blue. Others are available in yellow, brown and white. The imprint colors used for promotional purposes usually match the corporate colors, company’s logo or compliment the selection of lanyard color. Others may prefer to purchase it in colors that will blend with the occasions or events like cancer related fundraisers.

Imprints are normally done in what is known as a repeat pattern along the length of the strap. This implies that the chosen slogan, logo or other text printed at equal distances along the whole strap. Some lanyards may have several logos like those for sponsorships of charity events, in which the logos are repeated along the length of the strap.

Where to Purchase Your Promotional Lanyard?

The best place to purchase your promotional lanyard is online. Most online stores offer promotional lanyards at a discounted price. Before making a purchase make sure that all your conditions are met. Some online retailers may offer the products a little bit higher than others. List down 4 to 5 online stores, and then compare their prices. This will help you decide which company will provide a quality lanyard at reasonable price. Some offer higher discounts for those who order in bulk.


Modifying Mortgage Loans in Long Island

In today’s hard times, many people would consider turning to modifying their home loans or mortgages. What is this and how can it help the person availing of such loan modification? This kind of service is offered by lawyers all over the country, even in Long Island, New York. A mortgage modification is when the bank agrees to an alteration in the terms of one’s existing mortgage.

The reason for a Long Island loan modification is to aid a struggling homeowner in affording his or her mortgage. In the modification, the usual term alterations are the reduction of monthly payment and interest rate, past due amounts recapitalization, extension of the loan’s term, waiver of late fees, and, in certain cases, principal forgiveness or deferral.

Long Island loan modificationIt is relatively easy to qualify for a mortgage modification and the procedure is open to any individual struggling to pay their current loan. The Long Island loan modification depends on various requirements. Thus, even if an individual passes the initial review, it does not always mean the person’s modification application will be approved.

Normally, the lender would determine what has led the homeowner to default on the mortgage, the general ability to offer an affordable loan, and how the person’s finances have changed. In practice, a mortgage modification application may not be granted for even simple variations from the factors the lender is seeking. Depending on a person’s situation, there is no exact way to determine if the lender will grant a decision as it can be based on various factors. In availing for a Long Island loan modification or alteration, a lot of people would have various concerns before they embark on having their mortgages changed.

Some of the concerns include credit rating, lack of equity, or even low income. Fortunately, a mortgage modification is not credit-based and banks or lenders always seek to make a good loan from a bad loan. In applying for a mortgage modification, it does not matter if the applicant does not have any equity. There are banks that do principal reductions/deferrals. It may mean that banks can discount entire amount of the loan to one’s home’s current value. There are also lenders that can also work with an applicant having a low income. However, one may need to show the lender that the entire household is capable of affording a new payment scheme. This is done during the Pre-Qualification stage when the process is initiated.

In a Long Island loan modification or alteration, a person should expect some new terms on their agreement as lenders are always changing their loan modification guidelines. Normally, a bank will alter one’s loan and make it affordable for the borrower to continue payment. Terms that may be included are payment reschedule, lower interest rate, longer terms, reduction of the principal amount, or any changes that will enable the loan to be performing.

One good thing about modifying loans is that the homeowner gets to save a considerable amount of money. Depending on the amount, one can save hundreds of dollars monthly and a loan is normally for 30 years. For instance, a $500 monthly savings equates to $150,000 over the loan’s duration.

Foreclosure is not always a pleasant process and nobody wants to be stuck in this situation. Once a homeowner’s Long Island loan modification application has been approved, usually after three to six months, it is the homeowner’s obligation to make timely payments. In order to avoid such a pitfall and if a homeowner wants to keep his or her home while seeking reduced monthly payments, he or she must consult with the necessary professionals in order to start the process of modifying home mortgages.


When Is The Best Time to Invest in Long Island Real Estate?

Timing is important when investing in Long Island real estate and a supposed wise investment may turn out to be a liability once you fail to know the best time to make your real estate purchase. There are quite a lot of principles behind buying real estate and you always need to make sure that you stay ahead of the game. Remember that you are not only investing your money but your time and effort as well.

You will need to gain better understanding of Property Market Cycle because this carries more weight on the value of real estate. It often boils down to the law of supply and demand and once you gain better understanding of what really this is, you are also increasing the likelihood of buying profitable real estate.

real estateIn a nutshell, property market cycle starts with selling the properties at a low price and as a result, buyers rush in to buy these properties. This if also referred to as the buyer’s market because the price is in favor of the buyer. However, when there is increase in demand, the seller will also make a wise move of adjusting the price bit by bit. As the number of buyers increases, the price of the real estate increases as well. This phase is referred to as the seller’s market. When the value of real estate properties is unusually high, the buyers will decide to stop buying. However, the seller still continues to keep the price high and see if someone will take the price.

In this scenario, buyers will not make a move of investing in such expensive properties and in turn, sellers will not sell the property at a lower price. It is going to be a no-win situation for both parties. However, there will come a time when sellers have low sales and this is the best time to invest in real estate properties because sellers will be forced to readjust their price so it will become attractive again to buyers.

As a buyer, you should know when the prices are going low and when they get high. However, it may take some time for the prices go low and patience is the key. You can decide to give in once the prices drop as this gives you a really great deal. As much as possible, you should pay in cash because taking a loan will only negate the low price a great deal due to high interest rates. You should also keep watch of the market because you will not really know when the prices change. A wise investment on a Long Island real estate property starts with better analysis on the market cycle of the property because this can help you to get one of the best deals.

Latest properties of long island real estate can be viewed at li-realeastefinder.com

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Why printed circuit boards are the “heart” of computers

Desktop computers and laptops have become indispensable nowadays. Almost all people have their own desktop computers and/or laptops, and sometimes people even have both. These electronic gadgets and devices help people communicate with each other, solve and analyze some problems, and, combined with the internet, be a source of information. But what makes these devices work? These devices are powered by a thing called the “motherboard” and are actually printed circuit boards (PCB) that make it possible for electricity to be distributed and make the computer work.

Computers usually contain a couple of PCBs with the motherboard being the main hub to which the other boards are connected. The motherboard also contains essential components like the graphics card, sound card, and hard drives. These components are very important for a computer to perform tasks such as calculating, video rendering, and running different software.

Printed circuit boardsPCBs in computers can easily be spotted especially since a lot of modernly designed system units (sometimes referred to as computer case and functions as the enclosure that houses important components of a computer) are transparent in design and allow you to see the boards more clearly. It can be observed that the PCBs for motherboards are heavily decorated with various electronic components and peripherals. They are specifically designed to contain slots where important computer components can be connected.

Sooner or later, depending on the processes that a computer is running, heat will be produced. A laptop or desktop running multiple operations will be hotter compared to a computer that is idle and does not perform any operations. Heat is produced as electricity enters through the wires and circuits in the board. The PCBs have spaces for heat sinks to help in facilitating heat distribution and making sure that no other components are affected by the increasing temperature.

It is better for motherboards to have more spaces allotted for electronic components and to have a good chipset which could determine the computers’ feature and capabilities. A chipset is an electronic component found in PCBs that allows the communication between processor and external devices. The chipset is the one responsible for managing data throughput or the rate of movement between the input and output processes of a computer. Basically, it is a measure of how fast the data exchange is between the input and output. Long ago, motherboards have a limited number of components but now, modern motherboards usually have numerous connections to provide better functionality for the device.

PCBs for the laptop have the same look with PCBs for desktop computers with the only difference being that the PCBs for the laptop are generally custom-made and delicately smaller. Due to this, repairs for laptops are more expensive and it is advised that one should take extra care when handling laptops.

The importance of printed circuit boards to computers and devices cannot be overemphasized. Printed circuit boards or the motherboard act as the heart of computers and like the heart, it supplies different electrical components with electricity to keep them up and running. Motherboards are not there simply as a mean to facilitate the distribution of electric power but they also filter the DC power distributed through the use of electrolytic capacitors. It also serves as the main hub of important electric components that facilitate and perform the basic functions of a computer. Constant developments in the engineering of printed circuit boards have made it possible to integrate many electronic peripherals and components and thus, further improve the capabilities of desktop computers, laptops, as well as other electronic devices that use motherboards or printed circuit boards in general.


What are Custom Lanyards?

Custom lanyards are cords that are worn around the neck and are used to hold small items such as an ID. Special attachments are added to lanyards to secure these small items.

You can use any small item with a lanyard. A whistle is one of those smallCustom Lanyards items that you can use. Traffic enforcers would usually carry around a whistle that his hanging from a lanyard. Military personnel would use a pistol or even a sword with a lanyard. You can also hang your keys from a lanyard.

Custom lanyards make it more convenient for people to wear their ID. In some cases it’ll be a trend to wear one kind of lanyard. Unlike using pins where you will need to find a place on your clothes to pin it on, you will just need to hang the lanyard around your neck and you’re good. Lanyards are sometimes issues by companies and are color-coded. The colors would represent an employee’s department. Such a lanyard is given exclusively to the employees of the said company and must not be given to anyone else.

As souvenirs, custom lanyards are made for special events and can be sold during or after the event. It can also be given away for free or as a prize, depending on the organizers. When these lanyards are sold, other accessories that are related to the event are included as a package, and these can be button pins or pens. The lanyards would usually have more than one attachment on them so that you can then hang any small object from it, like an ID, house keys, or even a small electronic gadget.

Depending on how they are made and how the design is added, there are a few different types of custom lanyards:


•    Polyester Lanyard – polyester is the most common material used for lanyards. It can be available in almost any color and adding a design to it can be as easy as using the silkscreen method. The usual silkscreen method will add a design in one color, but for an additional charge, another color can be added.

•    Woven Lanyard – polyester is also used in this method. With a woven lanyard, instead of using a silkscreen to print the design onto it, the design is woven onto the lanyard while it is being made. This makes the design part of the body of the lanyard, ensuring that it won’t wear away. The only downside is that because of how the design is added, complex designs are discouraged when using this method.

•    Nylon Lanyard – if you want to have a lanyard that will be easily noticeable, nylon lanyards can be useful. These lanyards are made from nylon, which gives it a shiny finish. Nylon lanyards are also very durable and won’t break easily. Silkscreen method is also used to apply a design on it.

•    Tubular Lanyard – polyester is also used in this kind of lanyard, but unlike the typical style of weaving, tubular lanyards are treated differently. A method of weaving called tube-stitching is used, resulting to a lanyard with a thicker cord. It makes the material of the lanyard softer and it becomes easier for a person to wear this kind of ID.

•    Dye Sublimated Lanyard – this kind has the best way of applying a design onto a lanyard and will be ensured that the design itself won’t fade away. In this method, the ink used is absorbed by the material that is used, embedding the design onto it. In this method, it also becomes possible to have more than one design on the lanyard.